🙏 Daniel Fast ~ day 1📖


Yes, I’ve decided to join in on the 2021 Daniel fast… I’d seen it on several youtube channels and was curious.. then some not really 100% unexpected things happened .. 😳🧐🤔

Yes, time to pull out all the stops and fast!!

So, today was day 1..

It was a quiet day as far as hearing from God goes.. but, then again… yes, in the quiet there were answers ..

Renewed peace 🕊️

Calm in my heart 💗

Even as the US seemed to reel and spin out of control, His arm was around me.. 🤗

My meals today.. ?

Well, I’m new to this fast so food during a fast was a real treat!

Breakfast was an apple and a banana

Lunch was a banana

Supper was a Lg fry from KFC (potato cooked in a healthy oil), a cole slaw (I didn’t realize it contains dairy) and macadamia nuts.

I drank water with a bit of lemon juice all day.

This fast is already a blessing.. 🙏

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