Joy Dare January 1-7, 2021

1st~ 3 gifts heard.. 🤣laughter, 🙇‍♂️thank you, 🥰love

2nd~ a gift outside, inside, on a plate..🌥️sunny+ish, 🍽️washing dishes, 🍛great northern beans

3rd~ 3 gifts you overheard.. 📖His love for me, 📜His plan for me, 😃happy future

4th~ a gift old, new, blue.. 📰story, 🕊️peace, 💙missing him

5th~ something you’re reading, making, seeing.. 📖Bible, 🧵Quilt, 🕊️ peaceful future

6th~ one thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart.. 🍌banana, 🦃turkey, 📖Daniel fast

7th~ 3 graces from people you love.. 👦🏽patience, 🧑🏽missing me, 👴🏽missing me

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