My Podcast

While I do enjoy the flexibility my podcast on Anchor allows me it is currently not much of an income producer. I can see that it could be with a bit of a plan.

My current little $0.42 isn’t much.. I am thinking off/on about doing a more serious podcast.. maybe hitting on subjects I’m currently thinking about.. what’s in the news sometimes, but more things I notice that seem to have slid in under the radar…

Any thoughts on this?

I think I’ll begin doing new random podcasts..

Please leave comments ..

Now, the purpose of my podcasts isn’t to just make everyone feel good about where we are in our lives right now..

Seriously, there are enough people doing that already..

I want to challenge the way we perceive things.. challenge you to step back and see it all from a different angle..

Let me know in the comments on each podcast what you think!! 🤔💭😔

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