🍏Daniel Fast ~ days 2-3 🏺

Ok, if you’ve read my posts you know I had a bit of a mishap.. so now I’m taking it slow until Tuesday. 🔥

These last two days at home have given me much needed down time with God. Time to ask, but better, time to listen. 🤫

He has reminded me of some things I was trying to blow off.. hmm… ⚠️

So this fast for me..?

Well, much of my life is fine for now as it is.. not that I don’t have goals for a whole different life .. and we all know I’m counting down to November 2025 when I’ll be 62 🎉 But, for now, this job(s) and home will do. 😌

Grow where I’m planted. 🌳

Content with all He’s given me. 🚌

Finding ways to serve Him where I am. 🌻🌾🌳

He is showing me things about where I am and people around me. Seeing all through His eyes is a blessing! 🙏

And I am learning to communicate and pray through situations I know nothing about… and to trust Him more deeply as I strive to please Him when I’m in way way over my head and must stay or be alone. 💔


Bananas, plain oatmeal with raisins, salad, guacamole, hummus with pretzels, lots of lemon water


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