🩺Personal Health ..⚕️

Hey, all, as we go deeper into 2021 I encourage you all to get all your medical needs caught up.

As I received the above visual voice mail it was nice to see all tests requested by my Dr came back normal.

So I’m good on most levels. I still need a mammogram 😝, a yearly ‘treat’;  and to get my eyes checked (been 4 years) 🤓.

Then, looking ahead.. we don’t know what Biden will actually do.. well, we can look at his years in politics and get a general vague idea.. what did he do to help everyone have access to affordable complete healthcare during his most recent years in office??

Yet, what is Biden’s agenda as president? Does he have a plan for medical care for citizens? Will it turn out to be better or worse than what we already have?

Then add in Harris’s political history.. what did she do for citizens while in office? Did she make sure there was sufficient coverage?

Okay, now add in Pelosi…

Yes, Pelosi.. she’s a major player in the next four years whether we like it or not. Where does she stand in medical coverage?

Do any of them believe in the adage that medical coverage should be equal to how much each individual will likely give back to society? Yes, I’m serious. At one point, years ago (Obama era??) I heard some politicians wanted medical treatment doled out based on how much each individual would be contributing to society as a whole in the future.

As you add all this up there are so many unknowns.. none of these three have ever been President of the USA. That’s a lot of power to be handed over .. a lot to handle without becoming crazed, drunken with power.

Too many odd variables in this social experiment for me!!

My plan? Same as always.. plan for the worst and pray for the best. ..

Get healthy! So far, as of last week, I e lost 34 lbs… I still have another 40 to go, but I’m well on my way. I have decided what shape I want to be in and am doing what I need to get there.

Eat a healthy diet.. take note of what you’re eating, when, why and how you feel afterwards.

Get exercise.. whatever works for you. I’m not coordinated enough to do erobics but I do love to walk. Find something you enjoy then do it!!

Take note of how you feel. Really get in touch with your own body.

Set a goal.. then take baby steps to achieve it.

Visit your Dr for a full checkup. 2021, according to Biden, will be worse than 2020. Get in to your Dr while we’re not on lockdown!!

Then, step back and look at your home/apartment/van/RV/ect.. take steps to make it feel, to you, like an oasis, a super relaxing vacation spot. It should be your sanctuary where you can relax and just be, where you step in and all your worries and problems melt away.

Please, take time this week to begin these steps.

2 responses to “🩺Personal Health ..⚕️”

  1. Would you prefer that Trump’s attempted coup had succeeded? I too hope Biden will prove to be a good president but hopefully he is not a narcissistic, ignorant racist bully.


    1. Wow! 😲 😳
      So, this post wasn’t about the election or Trump’s America. .I didn’t state anything about how medical coverage was with him as president.
      I also didn’t degrade Biden, Harris or Pelosi.
      As Biden will be new as a president and Harris new as VP we have no real idea where they’ll go with things.
      The presidential office is much like marriage~ you have know idea who they really are until the ring goes on and the honeymoon is over!!
      I simply asked each person to get to the Dr and get a full physical to make sure they know where their health is right now.
      For me it’s been great to take time to get caught up on my health and a huge relief to know I have a base from which to go forward.
      My medical coverage was good with both Obama and Trump but there were still odd scary gaps. My current coverage is great so I am trying to get everything done I can.
      If Biden decides to change who’s covered and how the tiers of coverage work I may gain or lose.. I want to be ready .. AND.. Very Healthy!


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