Organizing Pokemon Go

Hey! Welcome back ☺️

How’s your Pokemon going?

I started organizing mine.. I have too too many pokemon that I’m not going to power up or evolve. I like to keep 1-2 extras in case the game requires me to evolve when my best aren’t ready, but I don’t need extras beyond that.

Really, I need male and female original, shiny, shadow and revived (plus and special holiday, ect). The best I can find of each 🤓

So . .. I thought about making a storage area for pokemon I want to trade..

This turned out to be a lot of Pokemon and didn’t relieve my problem. As these are still in my main storage it all feels incredibly congested.

Honestly, my son is the only person I trade with and then only if Pokemon requires it. He doesn’t play any more but will help me out when I need a trade…. I’m never physically near any of my 197 Pokemon friends so Matt is my only trade option.

I’m going to keep all special Pokemon that I don’t need .. .. but am going to weed these out.. basically I think they need to be at least a 3 star ⭐ unless they are a hard to find Pokemon or a shiny ✨. .. this will help clean out some of my storage area..

If, one day, Pokemon decides to let us trade regardless of distance and trading actually benefits us (we can see clearly the stats of what were trading and what Pokemon our friends have available/set aside for trading.. then this “little” stash might come in handy!!

Are you working on organizing it to make it run smoother?

Have you found ways to keep your Pokemon storage neat and organized?

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