🥴Burns ~ day 4😳

It’s actually healing nicely. I try to keep everything off these spots as much as possible. Any cloth rubbing is irritating and since I’m home/off work, I’m taking advantage and getting as much air to these as possible.

The burns are shiny because I just slathered them with neosporin.

Twice a day I clean them and put the triple antibiotic cream on the 1st degree burns and silver sulfadiazine cream on the 2nd degree burns. But, in between, when they begin to hurt/burn/itch, I apply the neosporin.

2 responses to “🥴Burns ~ day 4😳”

  1. I’m glad they are healing! Thank god for creams and sprays to enable them to heal!

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    1. Amen to that! I’ll be glad to be up and around again soon ☺️

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