Pray or Walk Away?

You have not chosen me..

Have you again chosen her?

We sit here without you..

You, head of our household..

Will I give up
And leave you to her?

I’ll go back deep into prayer

God will make a way

In His Timing โณ


  1. Beautiful but not beautiful words God says pray and then pray and if you can’t ask me to help you so that you can pray, we ask God to guide everyone

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      • But I know that you are always praying because God is the one who prayed for him, that is a blessing from God, while there are many circumstances that can be provided from time, space and money, but God did not give him to pray that he did not give him that grace, while he sees different human beings of different classes praying and worshipping that man, who only has to ask for guidance, he will pray and he can do a lot of work.

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