Forcing Someone to Love You

Yes, that’s illogical.

Love is a feeling. You can’t force someone to love you.

That’s like a weird hostage situation.

To have someone with you who doesn’t want to be there and isn’t truly happy makes no sense.

To blackmail or hold at literal or figurative gunpoint and force another person to be in your life unwillingly is crazy.

Step back..

Look at yourself and your situation.

Don’t you deserve to have someone in your life who honestly wants to be there??!

Let go of people whom you are trying to force to care about you.

Look at this last year and the people who’ve really come through in your life.

Who reached out regularly to check on you through the pandemic?

Who prayed with you? 🙏

Who called/texted you for help and comfort?

Pull those people closer. 🤗

They are the ones who truly want to be in your life.

Love them with all you have and let the others go.

3 responses to “Forcing Someone to Love You”

  1. socialworkerangela Avatar

    Very true!

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  2. agree! No point in having people that dont love you in your life, who needs that? Not me!

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    1. For real!! I need real honest love in my life 💓

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