Daniel Fast ~ days 6-9

Hey, all, how’s your Daniel fast going? Any great new recipes?

I’ve had a couple challenges..

First of all, that accident I had last Thursday night (re:burns) has really affected me more than most people know. But I’m not letting anything hold me back from the crazy growth and blessings of this fast!

Have you tried Taco Bell for this fast?

I was desperate for a meal.. not just oatmeal and raisins, peas, potatoes, salad, dried fruit, bananas and apples..

Taco Bell’s 5 layer taco~ substitute black beans for the meat and guacamole for the cheeses and sour cream..

But they left the meat in!! By the time I realized I was 1/2 way through eating it (not much meat at the one end). 😩 Ugh, well… So I called and they apologized.. it was made all wrong and barely anything in it.. and I got a credit for a free one made right..

Beyond the food things . .. 🙏

There’s been huge growth.. I’m sitting back and listening to Him more.. seeing more through His eyes.. breathing more… Resting more (not just because a 2nd degree burn healing is exhausting).. like I’m resting in Him!! 🙏 And He’s showering me with His 💕 and showing me, step by step, what to do next to be setup to move ahead..

Blessed and grateful for this fast! 🙏💕🙏

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