🦔 🙏🍨Porcupine Abuse?🙏🍨 🦔

That one person who gets overjoyed at pushing your buttons. ⏸️ They seem to spend countless hours finding new ways to try to get under your skin. You know that person.. we each have at least 1-2 like that…

Mine was in rare form recently and I had this desire..

Like that desire you get for your favorite ice cream with all the right stuff in it… Where you can taste it and feel it sliding cool and soothing down your throat as you’re thinking of it… 🍨

That desire to shove a live porcupine down his throat (but that would be porcupine abuse). 🦔

So now..?

Well, I’m not about to treat an innocent porcupine like that!! 🦔

I’m going to pray for he and his wife🙏

Yes, pray for them 🙏

I think, as I’ve asked over and over for God to open up new ways for me to reach out to people, God has given me this opportunity to help them. 🙏

Simple prayer 🙏

Matthew 5:44 But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who harass you

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