📖Joy Dare 🤠 January 8-14, 2021😇

8th~ dusky light, surprising reflection, lovely shadow.. 🌆drive home, 📝fun @ Creekside☺️, 💡progress🗑️

9th~ a gift held, passed by, sat with.. 🐈 Manicotti, 🇺🇲worry, 🤠Matt and Manicotti as we watch “The Longest Ride”

10th~ a gift sour, sweet, just right.. 🍋lemon water, 🤓home with Matt, 🧵sewing time

11th~ 3 yellow gifts of fresh mercy.. ♨️burns and bruises healing

12th~ something above, below, beside.. 🙌His care, 👿knowing what’s wrong option, 🤠 Matt’s compassion for me

13th~ 3 things about yourself you are grateful for.. 😌patience, 💖love for Jesus, 📖strength

14th~ 3 startling graces of God.. 🕊️peace in trials, 😌calm in chaos, 😇blessings in pain

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