🙏🧄🍇🍏🍌Daniel Fast ~ day 10🌰🥔🍆🥑📖

Hey, welcome back and God Bless!!

How’s your fast going?

Have to say I’m learning an awful lot about me and where I need to grow more.

I’m missing ice cream, something I rarely remember to buy in real life.. LOL 😂🤣😆

And I’m craving more of Him.. but in bits and pieces..

I’m seeing how my life has me all over the place and how many things don’t get enough of my undivided attention.

But, in all honesty, when I’m home I’ve been just relaxing since the day after the fast started. With the 1st and 2nd degree burns I have I’m finding I quietly shut down when I get home. I find my jammies and melt into my bed. I do a teeny tiny bit of Bible reading (can you say 1-2 verses comprehension ability at that point) then lay down.

From there it’s just quiet whatever.. prayer, snuggle Manicotti, nibble healthy stuff, drink water, chat with Matt and Hector…

My body is trying to heal and I’m in pain so I shut down at home.

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