🙏 Covid-19 vs Attending Church 🙌


This stinks

Missing church but I know that: 1) not everyone is willing to wear their mask, much less properly; 2) singing makes droplets smaller so they go through most masks and spread further..😷

So in person church attendance is off the table. ⛪


This has given us a chance to step back..

As many are still always at home so always have an opportunity to watch church videos, read our Bibles or do more in-depth Bible study, are we realizing what our relationship with God really was before? Were we only spending time with God in church??

I’ve worked through the pandemic as I’m a caregiver for seniors so my available time for God hasn’t changed much. … The pandemic, however, has made me rely on Him way more than before. 🙏

I have, however, stopped attending in person church and am, instead, watching various church services online.

What really matters is so much more apparent now.. right in our faces.. we have to take care of ourselves better now.. watch out for our family’s needs on all levels..

I had decided I needed to find a different church to attend a while back. I really wanted to visit a few churches and wanted Matt to go with me. The only problem is Matt doesn’t transition well #aspergers. So I was putting it off.. when in our busy lives would be a good time to visit churches? Looking back, it was a copout. Plan.and.simple.

I knew that we couldn’t stay at the church we were at as we were only barely being tolerated by so many there. We didn’t belong there and we knew it. There was no place for us to help or serve. Like I said, tolerated.

So, now, I am checking out churches alone. I watch the services on my phone. If one seems like it’s a good fit I send it to Matt to watch. We definitely need a mixed church as I’m white, Hector (my husband) is Puerto Rican and Matt is mixed..

I think I’ve found one.. and it’s nearby.. like walking distance on a nice day!! Hmm…

I like that church.. it’s mixed but not spewing anti-white stuff in service (I see that in some churches).. the teaching is great and I get a lot out of it.. they do a lot of outreach too!!

Have to pray on it.. seek His will in this. 🙏🙏⛪🙏🙏


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