🥺Burns ~ day 9😌

These weren’t bright red until I cleaned them. Twice a day I do a good cleaning.

Burns by my knee.. healing nicely..
Upper thigh.. almost 100% healed!!
Lower stomach.. healing nicely..
Upper stomach.. healing nicely..

This whole process is 21 days+/-

I’m less than half way there and looking good! 😌

🙏 God is with me. 📖

6 responses to “🥺Burns ~ day 9😌”

  1. peanutbuttersandwiches_ Avatar

    Oh gosh… These look awful. Glad they’re healing quickly, though.
    Thank you for dropping by my site today! Means alot. (:
    stay sticky,

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    1. Thank you.. yes, healing well.. takes time though..
      Keep posting 🌞

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  2. So “inquiring minds want to know” (😉) What happened!? If it’s not too personal, of course. We have never met, but I perceive you are a sister in Christ, so I am praying for your recovery. 🙏😊

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    1. Awe, thank you so much 🤗🙏
      I decided to dress next to the kerosene heater. Forgetting I’m not 20 anymore (we will never admit to this again) I tried to stand on one foot … Slipped somehow (still can’t figure it out) and slid down the wall .. the heater was about 4″ from the wall… I slid right between, my tummy pushing the lit heater away from the wall… I think my leg went between 1st then my tummy.. the front if my new jammies melted .. hole the size of a dinner plate … I was wedged in between the wall and the scalding hot heater.. my son had to pull me up by one arm.. grateful to God to be alive and only have 1st and 2nd degree burns 🙏📖🙌

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      1. WoW!! Seriously praying for you during your recovery! Keep us all informed. First name?

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      2. Karen.. and thank you so much for the prayers 🤗🙏🤗

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