😏Burns ~ day 16 😌

Lower mommy-belly.. 2nd degree.. .. really healing nicely!
Right thigh ~ 1st degree and barely noticeable now..
Right thigh.. 2nd degree … healing nicely, but still extremely painful when I stand or walk..

I’m glad these are healing so quickly. Obviously the 1st degree burns were so superficial that they’re vanishing quickly.

The 2nd degree burns on my stomach don’t bother me anymore as they are in a fairly protected area. I rarely put any sort of pressure on them.

The 2nd degree burns on my thigh are still pretty bad. Walking and standing pulls at them so they are struggling to close fully. I may need to invest in steri-strips to hold them together until they can heal.

Regardless, I am moving ahead and not letting this slow me down.. things to do and obstacles to conquer!! 🏃‍♀️

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