💞Moving On💕

So, here I am.. been thinking🤔.. and praying a lot.. 🙏.. sometimes you just have to stop and look at what’s really happening vs how you’d like things to be.. 🌹👓

I’ve stepped back from how I feel.. looked at this from several angles.. did a little research to see what was really going on..

So, what’s going on?

I needed to really pray, think then make sure I’m not jumping to conclusions..

I’m not.

No communication from ex since Tuesday.. so I’m not even an afterthought at this point..

Never calls/texts Matt.. his son.. his.only.child…

He’s still alive.. has been playing fb games and sharing those to his news feed..

Has his messenger set so I can’t see when he’s active..


I’m done ✅

Yup, enough.. I’m calling the game a forfeit.. failure to show up and participate.

I have to realize he’s not interested in us. Doesn’t love us or care how we are.


Someday someone who sees us as valuable in their lives will come along. Someone who wants to love and treasure us as is/where is.

We need to be cherished. 💕💞

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