😷🧼Water Shutoff Update 🚰😷

Hey there .. so quiet here.. I think we are all at such a loss as to what to do next.

We fixed that huge water leak on January 30th.. on time per the date it had to be done by. It was an $8000.00 expense to get it done by a plumber the city was willing to approve for the work.

Success! 🤣🎉🎊😂

We’d done the repair so our understanding was the water would remain on. If the water remained on the residents would pay their rent and the water bill and repair bill could be paid.

The health department workers had been, every few days, going door to door telling our residents they were planning to condemn the park and the residents needed to make plans to move. 🥺 This was done without previously notifying the park owner. 🤔

So only a few paid .. the rest are scared. 😨 One man from the health department, as reported to me, was threatening to shut off the park’s water on February 2nd and board up every trailer that day! No legal notice, no nothing. ⚖️

It’s like we’re just trash to be swept away. 🗑️Just so much rubbish as we’re all low income. 🗑️ We don’t have finances to move.. 1st month’s rent and deposit for a new home is out of our reach. 💰

The men offered to put our people in homeless shelters. Take our children to shelters full of bedbugs when we have nice homes here???! 😳😥🤔🤯 Wow 🥺

Yes, our park is humble..

Free homes.. just pay lot rent and deposit!

But we love our mobile home park! 🥰

Here we have yards for our children and quiet streets for them to ride bikes on. 🚴

Our office.. we have a resident library!! 📚

Our beautiful park is about 3/4 surrounded by woods so it’s somewhat secluded and feels like a remote campground. 🏕️

We are also on the Anthony Wayne Trail Gateway to downtown Toledo… Wondering if the city is shutting us down because of this..? 🤔

But we are planning gardens of local wild edibles, making us not only a wildlife conservation area but also a food source for our residents! 🌾🌳🍏In addition, we are planning herb and vegetable beds throughout the park. 🍅🧅🥕🧄

We plan to be a part of the environmental solution.

All this said, we are still fighting to stay alive. We have about half of the $10,000 the city wants in order to turn the water back on. We are praying they will show compassion to us, accept the money we have and turn our water back on.

We are in an ongoing, worsening pandemic. 😷 How does a responsible city turn off the water to 54 people during a pandemic scaled health crisis?!! 🥺

Once the water is on, the rest of our residents will pay. We can make payments every time a resident pays us. Literally.every.time! 🧾

We just need compassion and a chance.

4 responses to “😷🧼Water Shutoff Update 🚰😷”

  1. socialworkerangela Avatar

    Sending prayers it’ll work out just fine

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Have to stand on “God will provide”!! Can’t imagine He sent me here for this to happen.. somewhere in this there is a blessing 🚰🧼😷


  2. You can bet someone with deep pockets is interested in developing the land where you are located. It happened to people here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, but our owner doesn’t want to sell.. this city is something else 😨🥺😥


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