🚱Write31~ Creekside Village MHP ~ day 2 🛀

How do we live without running water?

Tell me, how did the pilgrims and pioneers do it??

Here we sit in the winter .. surrounded by snow.. frozen fluffy water!

Bins of snow ❄️

What the water department charges exorbitant rates for, God provides for free.. and His product is clean and fresh.

Backup water catchment…

This container can hold enough rain/snow water to handle our needs.

Flush with gray water!

We flush our toilet primarily using gray water from washing our clothing.

Conserving water has always been a family concern.

2 responses to “🚱Write31~ Creekside Village MHP ~ day 2 🛀”

  1. I pray for plenty of snow ❄ 4 U and your community.
    God provides!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you.. He always provides!! 🙏


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