🚱How Much Longer Without Water? 🛀

Thanks and kudos to WTOL Fox channel 11 🦊

We’ve been trying to get a news station somewhere to listen for a while now. Channel 11 was the first. We contacted countless local, regional and national leaders including our mayor, Governor Dewine and President Biden. We contacted local news stations as well as many in other towns, states and countries. We contacted anyone who might have any influence, compassion, contacts.

In all of this WTOL 11 was the first to see our need and actually care.

What will happen next?

I guess that remains to be seen. Maybe the Toledo water department will turn the water back on. Maybe they will go ahead as planned and throw the residents here out into the cold. 🥶 It’s 16°F right now…

One response to “🚱How Much Longer Without Water? 🛀”

  1. At least the word is out there now! I’m continuing to pray! I can’t believe they turned it off after their website says they wouldn’t do that.


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