🚱No Running Water ~ day 9🚱

Matt and I went to a hotel for the night to shower..

$62.12.. sort of wasted.. 🚿

Okay, so here’s the deal.. where we are with trying to get the water turned back on..

Currently we have roughly half of the money demanded by the City of Toledo Water Department.. but that’s not enough. .. they are not budging.

In Toledo, Ohio in a pandemic clean running water is not an automatic given.

Let me ask you.. how are we supposed to raise the money? Just before rent was due the city made sure to come through and terrorize our residents into not paying.

Imagine you run a restaurant and the city turns off your water then demands a ransom to turn it back on.. but how do you make the money without the water supply? How do you clean, wash dishes, serve drinks?

The same holds true for a mobile home park where water is included in lot rent.

In order to come up with more money we need to collect rent. Residents are refusing to pay because they’ve been denied the right to clean running water.

So children here don’t get bedtime baths. Supper dishes don’t get washed.

Our budget.. well, we were headed into an area of being able to pay all the bills. We’d been filling up with really sweet families and most were voluntarily paying their lot rent.

With the mortgage, insurance and water bill.. plus repair bills.. well, we were close to being able to work at catching up.

What if the city of Toledo showed compassion?

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