🍌Banana Cinnamon Donut Pancakes 🥞

Love, it can be many things. One especially is a good hot home cooked meal.

I have a sweet gentleman I cook for once a week. He enjoys the spoiling and I enjoy his appreciation of my creations!

Ingredients: pancake mix, milk, 1 mini cinnamon donut, 1/2 banana

🥞Make the pancake mix according to directions, then add enough additional milk to make it like a thin cake batter.

🍩Break the donut up into about eight pieces and gently mix into batter.

🍌Cut the banana in half crosswise, cut one of the halves lengthwise then slice.

🥞Pour into a hot fry pan well coated with melted butter.

🍌Plop the banana pieces into the cooking batter.

Once the edges begin to crisp and curl, flip the pancake.

Serve with hot syrup and a smile 😋😊

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