🚱🚿No Running Water day 10 🛀🚱

Bins and buckets of fresh clean snow!

No, the water is still not on.. so we still have families struggling to find creative ways to bathe, wash dishes, drink water, cook and flush our toilets. 🚽

While most of our residents have not taken advantage of covid-19 moratoriums to refuse to pay rent, a few have and have a collective debt to the park of $12,420.00 💰

That’s  the deposit #ransom to turn our water back on plus make a payment!! 💰

Me, I’m melting snow.. yes, clean fresh fluffy snow.. to do all of do with city water.

How has no water affected me? Well, Matt and I put our time in Boy Scouts to good use. We simply made use of what was available. ❄️🌨️

And I am still blessed! Yes, blessed.. I have my own home in a quiet somewhat secluded park. I have doors I can lock. I am planning my garden. 🕊️

No, the city is still not budging. 🌁

The water supply is still withheld until we come up with the entire $10,000.00    … and they can’t seem to accept what we have and let us make payments.. how about monthly bill + $500?? 💰

I’m not intending to move though. This is our home. I have Grandpa Clarence’s rhubarb planted here. I added red bud and hackberry trees this fall. My crazy chickens love this place. Matt is happy and comfortable #autism/Asperger’s #ADHD

Reminds me… 🍞 “Loaf of bread could buy a bag of gold” 💰

4 responses to “🚱🚿No Running Water day 10 🛀🚱”

  1. socialworkerangela Avatar

    This is so unfathomable that they won’t budge have you thought of talking to your local elective officials or already done that? Sending hugs and prayers for a resolution

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    1. Local elected officials don’t appear to care one iota ..


  2. Maybe take the fight to a ‘higher court’ so to speak. Coming up with $10,000 all in one lump is unthinkable, even for people who have been conservative with their money (not saying you haven’t. I don’t know the whole story). What ever happened to being able to make payments?? Someone’s corrupt, not to mention greedy in your area…

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    1. So true. .. definitely something to pursue!! Thank you for the suggestion 😊


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