Rent Moratorium and Honesty

Covid-19 and rent moratoriums.. this pandemic has wreaked havock on the world’s economy. Countless people lost jobs or took pay cuts. Lives were lost and those still here were impacted in ways we still have yet to realize.

The government placed a moratorium on evictions for non-payment.

But there are certain rules and requirements for this.

In order to claim covid-19 as a valid reason to not pay rent there are criteria to meet. ⚖️

*verifiable loss of income due to covid-19

*verifiable applications for rental assistance

*continued payments, even if partial, to the landlord

Now, I can say that some courts won’t do evictions even if these government ordered criteria have not been met.

A simple letter attesting to a lie will get a slithery tenant off the hook. 🐍

At that point it is up to the landlord to request copies of required documents through the courts. Push the issue! 👨‍⚖️

Tenants need to realize that back rent is accumulating and can be placed on their credit rating as it accumulates.

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