🌁Joy Dare🏞️ February 8-14, 2021👶🏽

8th~ a gift broken, fixed, thrifted.. 🌁hope for Toledo, 🏞️plans for spring, 🧵 up-cycled

9th~ 3 surprise gifts ~ unexpected grace! 🥰his plans, 🚙warmth from sun in my car, 👶🏽hope

10th~ 3 times you heard laughter today.. 😜joking around, 💅filing nails, 💆foot)calf massages

11th~ 3 gifts in working.. 💆foot/calf massages, 💅toe nails filed

12th~ 3 hard eucharisteos.. 🥶 bitter cold, 🛀drains frozen solid, 🌁no compassion from water department

13th~ 3 gifts behind a door.. ☺️home,  🛌 my bed, 🥰 opportunity

14th~ 3 ways you feel the love of God .. 🌅 morning sun, 🥰text from my sweet husband, 🛀drains thawing

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