❄️ Write31 ~ Creekside Village MHP ~ day 13 ❄️

Okay, so.. we’re still without fresh clean running water. My understanding was it would be turned on today and preparations were made, residents notified. But then the city decided it will be turned on tomorrow and they’ll check for leaks. If they create leaks in our frozen pipes by turning it back on we are held responsible. 😯🧐🤔

Then… they will turn it back off whether there are leaks or not. 😯🚱😯

While they finish up paperwork with the park’s owner Monday we will have no water… and if they break our pipes or create new leaks with the turn on, then we will have no water until it’s all repaired to their satisfaction.

Personally, I’m not counting on the city of Toledo allowing us to enjoy the right to clean running water anytime in the near future. 🚱

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