🙏🚱💦City of Toledo Restored Water Service after 18 Days🚱💦🙏

Yesterday morning at about 10am our water at Creekside Village MHP was finally turned back on and no leaks were found!! Because there were no leaks the water is remaining on with no repairs required.

To residents:

💦Water is on!!
There is a boil order through Wednesday 2.24.21
The pipes are frozen.. please allow these to thaw slowly to prevent breakage.

Everyone who has heat tape and full gapless skirting has water already..


So the stalemate has ended with no needed repairs to the leaks that were supposedly the cause and a reasonable request to put money on the bill on a regular basis #noransom.

Finally our residents are allowed again to bathe and wash dishes!! 🧼🧽🚿

🙏📖Only God could have come up against such evil and won! I give Him all the glory, thanks and praise in this and am ever thankful that the faithful residents here who pay on time and are working so hard to make it a better place without adding unnecessary drama now have water. 📖🙏

4 responses to “🙏🚱💦City of Toledo Restored Water Service after 18 Days🚱💦🙏”

  1. Congrats on the water. I hope this is the end of your struggle.

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    1. Thank you.. praying we can move ahead from here 🛀

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  2. That’s wonderful news!!!!
    I pray everything else goes smoothly and no more craziness. 😀

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    1. Thank you, Michelle!! It’s getting so much better. There is still an uneasy feeling hanging in the air that the city is doing everything they can to try to shut us down, but I know in my heart God wants affordable homeownership to remain available to the poor in Toledo.. I know for sure God is with us in this.. “.. if God is for me, who can be against me?”!!! 🙏😊

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