I Hate Lies

It really bugs me when someone makes a decision, big or small, based on false information. It just really gets totally under my skin when I know that they either don’t have all the facts or are believing lies. Somehow it doesn’t even matter to me whether it actually affects my life. It just bothers me. I was sitting here this morning listening to a really good Church podcast and near tears because someone believes an irrelevant lie (not related to the church or the podcast). This lie doesn’t affect me or my life directly or really indirectly. It’s simply a lie. But… What honestly got to me.. was that I know the truth and I wasn’t believed. … … Like I said, the lie doesn’t affect my life… But… The fact .. bare fact.. that I was not only not believed but also dismissed as not knowing what I’m talking about … well, that got to me.. I’ve been mulling over what to do.. I’d really like to discuss it because that would facilitate a better long-term relationship with the person I was talking to… But… .. .. okay, so this brings me to the crux of whole thing.. if this is the relationship we have … If they don’t believe/trust me.. well, that’s .. I have to look ahead and make plans based on a better situation than this.

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