Cleaning out my Friend List

I have an almost full friend list on Pokemon, but many of my friends neither send nor open gifts.. all they seem to do is occupy a valuable space.

Many are active daily but don’t open my gifts or send me gifts.. they just take up space. So, when I have a bounty of gifts (some days I overflow with these), I’m stuck.

Some friends, on the other hand, open and send gifts. These friends I now mark with a nickname.. ‘Feb’ for February because they sent me gifts last month after I began this system.

These are the awesomeness-est 🤭 friends!!

Then there’s the other group.. I mark them with ‘Feb*’ as the asterisk ✳️ marks that they only open gifts but never gift back. Yes, leaches, but useful if I have an overabundance of gifts and my fav friends can’t open them fast enough.

So where am I going with all of this?

Well, I’m going to continue to track behavior but using ‘March’ or ‘March*’ …

Within a week I’m going to begin to delete “friends” who’ve simply ceased to function. If I eliminate all the ones who do absolutely nothing there’s a chance I may get a decent number of replacements who are new favs!!

Have any of you had to clean out your Pokemon friend storage??

And ..

Why can’t we buy more friend storage space?!! 🤗

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