Quick Heads Up!!

As you can see, I’ve begun the process (slow cuz I’m not computer savy) of monetizing my blog..

I have a whole bunch of things planned and so many insider posts and pics I want to share with patrons!!

First, though, I have to figure out how to get this all to work.. for a bit there will be posts I’m hoping are patron only but will actually be public .. I’m going to experiment with how this works this weekend 🏞️

Once I figure it all out I intend to have a newsletter which will be more like a fireside chat about our life, obstacles, challenges, victories, hopes and dreams.. I’m not sure how often I’ll have this.. but I long to write long long newsy letters to all of you so it may be quite often..

I am planning to do tbt (throw back Thursday) and fbf (flash back Friday) posts soon.. these will be posts pulled from my other blogs (I need to transfer then shut those down). The tbt will be public but the fbf will be patron only as these really will be flash backs and include my honest thoughts about the situations (#dontreaditifyoucanttakethetruth)


Stay tuned..

Find a cozy place to snuggle up with a hot cup of great coffee..

And be ready!!

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