Moving Ahead..

Hey, yes, I’ve been awol yet again.. posts still there but I’m not present.. scheduling ahead as my days get crazy. I have things I long to share, but not with everyone.. some things are too personal.. I need to find time to set up the newsletter on here.. and I will in time.. I had started my Avon then just didn’t bother.. today I sat myself down and we had a little talk.. then I took a couple super easy Avon classes.. I know how fun selling it is and just beginning the classes helps..… I want to be more independent.. I need my income to solely come from my own business.. within 5 years I want to be free from demerits and fear .. I have to work extra hard at my blogging, sewing and Avon so I can retire .. .. I am missing the prompts on WordPress.. I need the fun of creatively writing crazy stories around those prompts!! I mean, what if purple penguins 🐧 suddenly invaded looking for an explanation as to why were suddenly using their species for what we used to call boys and girls?!! 🚀🐧🛸 Yes, I have to get back on those fun prompts!! 🤪🙃😊

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