📖 Time Alone w/ God 🙏

Good morning 🌞

Such a blessed day. I have a confession.. yes, I’ve been doing off/on Bible reading, but more off than on. I do read sometimes, though. And I pray some.

But not like used to. So, here’s what happened.. I was praying and fasting like crazy.. and getting sooo much out of it.. like incredible growth. Then I got an answer.. then disregarded the answer and continued to pursue what seemed logically in His Will, as though I knew better than the answer He gave me! 🤔 So, then nothing made sense, because I was so severely out of His Will for my life.

And, because I had an answer, I quit fasting and pretty much quit praying and reading my Bible. Well.. doing those things would have proven I was on the wrong track ..

So, now?

I am working on getting back on track.. back on reading my Bible daily (like I was before) and back to prayer and fasting.

This morning I intended to listen to a church service on my phone, take notes in my Christian planner and pray.. but I just needed quiet time in the Word more than anything else. 📖

I am still in Genesis. There is so much He has for me to learn in just this book alone.

Genesis 36:Esau took his wives, his sons, his daughters, and everyone in his household, and his livestock, all of his animals, and all of the property he had acquired in the land of Canaan; and he moved away from the land of Canaan and from his brother Jacob. They had so many possessions that they couldn’t live together. The land where they lived as immigrants couldn’t support all of their livestock. So Esau, that is, Edom, lived in the mountains of Seir.

I am at a point in my life of transition. Several areas are changing and who is allowed in my inner circle is changing again.

I did read more than just these verses. The verses I blog are usually the crux of what He’s shown me that I choose to share. I read from Genesis 35:22- 37:28 📖

We all need some distance and space to grow. Being on top of one another or too deeply in each other’s lives can simply be too much!

That’s where I am right now.. I need some personal space.. and some serious distance.

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