⛵ Sweet Elan ⛵

Yes, we are revisiting the option to sail away!

We’ve been offered the opportunity to have our Columbia 8.3 back in our lives. Hopes of sailing float through our dreams.

We’ve applied again for yacht club membership and await the interview and decision.

Should we succeed we will need to do quite a bit of work on her before she can go back into the water, IMHO. I want to replace both seacocks. Then I want to sell the inboard motor as it’s unnecessary and takes up a lot of space while also adding weight that could better be used for storage.

Meanwhile, Matt and I are in the (way too slow) process of moving and hope to settle into our new place for the next five (5) years. That will give us time to do all the work we’ve planned for Elan.

As I see it, Matt will have a really nice cabin under the cockpit. By removing the inboard motor and relocating the galley sink and ice box we will have space for a nice private cabin. I want him to have a super comfy room with loads of storage!

I want to deep clean the entire inside of Elan, replace the old vinyl on the ceiling with cedar, totally remodel the galley and head.

Elan is a beautiful blue water capable yacht but needs some repairs too.. these are a must.

And, before we can do more than putter up to the gas dock and back, we must each get a boating license!! Absolutely M.U.S.T.

With all of this planned, and absolutely needed, we need to get settled into our new digs for the next 5+ years.

Then, when 2025 hits, if I’ve planned correctly for repairs, remodel and upgrades as well as finances, well, then we’ll be ready for me to retire and float away.

Where will we make our home port at that point? I’m not sure.. probably not where we’ll be until then as Matt can’t be there when I’m not there and that won’t work.. in five years, when we’re finally ready to live aboard, we’ll be gone all winter .. think bahamas, Puerto Rico, ect.. but we may want to summer in our home port.. that’s years away though, so no worries..

For now we look forward with prayers.. God’s will in this.. His plan is better than mine 🙏⛵📖⛵🙏

4 responses to “⛵ Sweet Elan ⛵”

  1. You have a very nice boat. Sailing away sounds exciting.

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    1. Thank you.. looking forward to months out floating in paradise .. then off exploring the waters ⛵

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  2. socialworkerangela Avatar

    How exciting

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    1. I am soooo wound up right now!! ⛵☺️🤪🥰⛵


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