Plan “C”

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Do you have a plan “C” ??

I had a plan B and knew I needed a plan C, but hadn’t gotten that far yet.. now, with waiting and wondering about getting our sweet Elan back and being reinstated at the yacht club… So a lot is up in the air.. and, really, the whole world seems to be in a bizarre holding pattern … So, if this all falls through, we will still have our place to live and my 2 jobs.. but a plan for retirement will still need to be set-up..

4 responses to “Plan “C””

  1. socialworkerangela Avatar

    I don’t even have a plan b unless maybe if i took seriously moving in with my parents once I’m an empty nester

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    1. Well, anytime is a great time to start.. what would be your favorite idea for your future? Something totally fun that would change your world!!

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    1. Yes, make each new plan a celebration 🥳


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