☠️ Write31 🐓 Chickens ⚰️day 11🐶

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I woke to chickens clucking. Not unusual as they each celebrate as they lay their eggs. Morning clucking means they are happy and I have fresh eggs for breakfast 🍳

But, then, the clucking became frantic. I popped up and peaked out the window to find my chicken run fence down and an angry pit bull in the run surrounded by my.dead.chickens.

2 responses to “☠️ Write31 🐓 Chickens ⚰️day 11🐶”

  1. skowron pisze / skowron writes Avatar
    skowron pisze / skowron writes

    OMG! What a disaster!

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    1. Yeah, crazy.. so, once we mi e to our new location, we’ll put up a reinforced setting for them.. I was already planning to surround it with berry bushes..
      Video I couldn’t post earlier https://photos.app.goo.gl/XFmBjtFZ5kmnsDuM9

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