‘Quick’ Update..

So lost.. not even sure what to write and how to word it.. yes I know exactly what I want and what I need .. and, honestly, I’m getting way more vocal and way way clearer about it! That’s not really me.. not the old me anyway.. history has shown that most people don’t give a flying squirrel about what I want or need.. it’s all about their agenda.. so, all they want to hear is how I intend to fit into their plan.. their magic plan.. I wonder.. I have to ask.. what if people asked, “what’s your plan? Here’s my plan.. let’s see how these can work together..” ???

Been thinking and praying.. but more thinking, wondering.. and then asking God.. no real answer.. I know His plan and goal in all of this.. familiar with most/many of the easy-outs in it all… being given an easy-outs doesn’t make that route ok.

If we ask Him, what’s His final answer?

Isn’t that all that matters?

💕 Loving my new glasses!! I can see soooo super clearly. Wow!! I am so grateful 😊

So, I’ve been thinking.. yes, it’s a lot about growing together.. but also has to be about respect.. and what about truly caring?

Walking away isn’t my desire..

I need someone who honestly wants to be with me.. he shouldn’t be looking at me as an option.. or as, “well, I tried her, now I might as well try you..”

As I look back I can see how previous relationships prepared me for my last marriage.. I know that this is the marriage God has for me.. I know that God has a plan for this marriage.. I also know that none of this is easy. But, God never said it would be easy. I just know that this is how it’s supposed to be.. it makes sense as I read His Word.. but it doesn’t make sense in the natural.. only in the spiritual..

So what now? I’m not sure. .. .. . Well, more prayer for sure!! 🙏 And more time in the Word 📖 I’m thinking about doing the Daniel fast again.. need to stock up in oatmeal, apples and bananas as well as pretzels and guacamole 🥑

📖His will, not mine🙏

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