“Country comfort” was a phrase her Grandpa had used often but, as the owl flew low overhead hooting eerily like a man in black hauntingly decrying wrongs she shivered and longed for Grandma’s strawberry-rhubarb pie and sweet tea. Grandma had a talent for cooking surpassed by no one!

As she walked along under cover of dark, grateful for a sky heavy with clouds, she noticed an oddly placed manhole cover somewhat overgrown with weeds and shrubs. Quietly she lifted the lid. .. nothing happened.. nothing odd.. she was careful not to mash the plants nearby as she laid aside the cover and slowly descended into the hole… 

Her biggest challenge so far had been staying hidden while finding food. Of course, there was food available, if she was willing to register, which she wasn’t. The key, post-pandemic then post-apocolypse, was stealth as she foraged .. and staying off those food lines, off the government lists..

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  2. Post-apocalyptic (with healthy dashes of dystopia) does seem to be in the air right now, especially if you’re a person of faith. So far I’ve tried to resist, but I’ve seen the same problems you outlined here, so your story starter seems all too realistic to me. I’m interested to see where the manhole leads and what your protag does. : )

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    1. I am contemplating her future

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      1. Stay tuned.. it is being written..


  3. An intriguing beginning … at least it feels like a beginning in some ways, and yet in other ways this could be in the middle of an ongoing story – and that’s a good thing! I’m interested in discovering if this manhole is actually out in the country, or in a somewhat more urban setting that nature has reclaimed in this post-apocalyptic setting. And of course the big question is: What disaster happened? Hope to read more!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, it will be ongoing.. 📚

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    2. And will tie into previous stories I’ve written 😊😉😊

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