How sure are you that you’re ready.. really ready?

I’m not.. not sure.. I know for sure that we don’t have the stockpile of groceries, tools, blankets, ect we had in Joliet.. we don’t have a cozy wood stove either..

We do have housing .. and we’re warm and dry with a door that locks.. but …

Well, we’ve gone from living on our own land and feeling somewhat inconspicuous to living on our boss’ land and being completely out in the open..

That’s for sure a leak in our plan.. a chink in our armor!

Also not being stocked up is huge. We could get by for a bit, but we had 2+ years of food stocked up in Illinois.. We have nowhere to even consider storing that amount of food here.

Really, ideally, I’d love a small cabin along a river .. somewhere very hidden.. with space for either a real garden or, better, many guerilla gardens hidden nearby. And a boat too..

Yes, I do see that we are missing so many things that would provide much more security..

Honestly, the land we are on is ripe for organic gardens whether out in the open or guerilla…

And it’s on a creek that connects to the Maumee River.. but a substantial enough boat would be too much here.. wouldn’t fit under bridges between here and the river and would drag the bottom of Swan Creek..

So, where are you in being truly prepared?

Are there significant leaks/gouges/gashes in your plan?

What step could you take this week to get to a better situation?

One tiny baby step in the right direction may just save your life!! 🆘

2 responses to “Prepared?!”

  1. Nancy McIntire Avatar
    Nancy McIntire

    Hmmmm lots to think about

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, better over-prepared than caught unready 🥫


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