Creepy Competition 🧐

So, I showed up to visit at Cyranny’s only to find that his neighbor has one-uped me! This just can’t be true..

I am the master of body disposal.

First of all, it’s all about how you live.. don’t try to overly blend in and don’t keep your home too perfectly clean. Give it a rest and just live.

Second, keep enough raw rotting meats on hand as to be able to disguise the smell of any number of bodies without advance notice. Remember, it’s all about being prepared and organized!

Now, about Cyranny’s odd neighbor.. seems to me this must be dealt with quickly, quietly and after dark.

Competition simply cannot be tolerated.

2 responses to “Creepy Competition 🧐”

  1. Mouahahahahaha I’ll know who to blame, if there are no trash bags at all on the sidewalk next Wednesday ;) Thank you for sharing :) xx

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    1. You’re quite welcome 🗑️


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