Quietly Standing on His Word

Face it, He knows what’s best and will work the fallout to your benefit!!
Let the haters hate, He’s got your back 100%
Walk in faith knowing He’s got a plan and you’re gonna be fabulous!!
Yes, you really can always start over.. if it’s in His will He’ll make a way for healing and restoration.
Take responsibility for moving forward. Pray, read your Bible then go forward as He leads you!

As for me? I am back in the Love Dare.. it hurts though.. hurts so bad.. near tears a lot.. tears of joy as He heals my heart and teaches me patience.. tears of sadness as I take out each ache, deal with it then let it go.. what He wants for me and from me isn’t the easiest route.. and yet it is.. simply because it is His way.. that makes it the easiest path.. clearest, happiest, simplest… But, man, learning to give up all control to Him, wow, that’s a lot from a girl whose always had to have her own back with no one to rely on.. little by little every year God shows me more and more how it can be as I learn to give more of my life to Him!!

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