🧐Alone Post-Apocolypse 🌳

Celeste Trudeau thought about the  handsome man she’d met during the first pandemic. He was sweet at first and quite knowledgeable about survival, but his attitude towards her past was a dealbreaker. One evening, as they sat quietly watching over their hiding place and the group they’d joined, she shared with him about the nurses at the hospital she’d lived in as a child. That was a mistake. He’d laughed in her face and began to refer to her as ‘crazy-girl’.. when he stepped away to relieve himself she gathered all her meager possessions and slipped away alone. Better alone than in bad company.

Walking along quietly through the woods Celeste began to take stock of her situation. She was alone but not in unfamiliar territory. Because of her love of nature and hiking/exploring she knew the area well. That had made her a huge assett to the group. It would serve her well as she journeyed on.

She allowed her mind to wander back. Once, what seemed like long, long ago, life had felt so normal. That was before everything went loopy in continuous phases that never seemed to end!

When the first EMP went off overhead it seemed to swirl the sky into a myriad of colors.. a fantastic distracting painting. Layers of radiation miles above swirled then fell one at a time like a music piece in the air slowly disintegrating and raining the same colors onto the planet.

After the pandemics the play of colors across the sky was welcomed as a sign from God.. like a spectacular cosmic rainbow.. within a few seconds the reality sank in..

7 responses to “🧐Alone Post-Apocolypse 🌳”

  1. Wow, what a story and so brilliantly written! Thank you so much for joining in.😉

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    1. Why, thank you, ma’am 😊

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      1. You’re welcome! 😊


  2. Many layers to the story…

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    1. Yes, Celeste is a complex woman who’s led an amazing life

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