⛵Joy Dare ⚖️ April 2021🏡

19th~ 3 gifts square.. 🍳working stove and fridge.. fun of not fitting into a round hole 🙃

20th~ a gift stacked, stashed, stilled.. 📚books, 🧵material, 😟worries

21st~ 3 gifts found in Christ.. 😊 patience, 🙏salvation, 🕊️peace

22nd~ 3 gifts close.. 🧑🏾Matt, 🧔🏾Hector, ⛵home

23rd~ 3 gifts reflecting.. 💒promises made, 👶🏽His promise, ⛵hope deferred

24th~ 3 gifts fragile.. ❤️hearts, 🏞️ environment, 👩‍⚕️health

25th~ a gift cloth, steel, wood.. 🧵quilt for Hector, 🤍cold hearts, ⛵teak for Elan

26th~ 3 gifts moving.. 🚐Gladys still running, 🏢new home, ⛵future home

27th~ 3 gifts ugly-beautiful.. 🏚️old bldgs, 💔broken hearts, ⚖️truth

28th~ 3 gifts orange.. 🥧 pumpkin pie, 🍛curry, 🚧safety cones

29th~ 3 gifts in dirt.. 🌾grains for bread, 🌳trees for oxygen, 🌻flowers for joy

30th~ a gift given, made, sacrificed.. 💖love from Him, 🥰love for him🧔🏾and for him🧑🏾

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