🐀🗑️ Write31 🏚️#ToledoMe🏚️day 25🏚️Trash Piling Up🗑️🐀

29 City Park, Toledo, Ohio

Yes, garbage is still stacked here and is now collapsing/overflowing into the street. As the pile has grown it apparently gave way or teetered over.

Be careful as you drive!

42 City Park, Toledo, Ohio
42 City Park, Toledo, Ohio

This pile is more recent but has been sitting at the curb more than a week. It has also crept into the street creating yet another hazard to traffic on City Park between the Anthony Wayne Trail and Nebraska!

🐀Add to that the added attraction of drawing rats and other rodents to the neighborhood.

I see garbage piling up around Toledo. Possibly there is an issue with people not paying their trash bill so dumping elsewhere?

I wonder what plan city officials have to rectify this? How many more weeks can this stay piled up before the city simply cleans it up and bills the property owner??

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