🐕Hard Conversations🥺

Yes, I’ve been distant lately.. I want to share why, yet it still goes straight through to the very marrow of my bones.. like a hurt you can only dig out with a special knife.. 🥺

Situations I knew were bad came to a head.. had to happen eventually..

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13 responses to “🐕Hard Conversations🥺”

  1. I cant subscribe? 🤔😒

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    1. I think it’s fixed, Carol Anne! Let me know.. I think it was an issue with the block editor *grr*

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      1. Okay, will try later on today 😉

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      2. Yes, it worked 😜

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  2. socialworkerangela Avatar

    Yeah i just tried too

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      1. socialworkerangela Avatar

        To see the rest of the post the link was a blank box

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      2. Sorry, I accidentally added extra boxes and couldn’t get rid of them.. my son had to fix it for me tonight


  3. See if you’re able to subscribe here
    I can always post subscription only content here too 😊


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