Celeste Post-Apocalyptia

As the radiation fell the sky stayed a myriad of rainbow hues. From most people’s viewpoint it was a fantastic and beautiful event.. until it’s effects were known. 

It was funny, funny-strange, how some animals seemed to be completely unaffected by the fallout. Everyone had been told there would be no radiation from an EMP, but hair fell out and many babies were born with odd new abilities.

Many of the lakes suddenly became undrinkable and rose way above their banks. The animals and people became quite violently competitive over water. The world turned more and more vicious.

The negative of the EMP was somewhat balanced by the medical reactions to the fallout. Because the EMPs first cause such panic many took it all as a signal (because if that odd YouTube video??) that a worldwide purge had begun. Not even the police, who were now all on foot, could stop it.

What stopped it?

The fallout..

The rainbow swirls slowly fell from the sky. 🌈 The fallout landed on everyone, rich and poor. Within minutes hair fell out, wrinkles appeared, some watched their skin melt on their own bodies and their families’!

The gates and doors slammed shut and locked, occupants feeling shielded within their homes and yards. Each family isolated themselves which allowed no ability to help one another.

⛈️🌪️🌬️ Crazy storms came. That only intensified the radiation sickness and the chaos. Where, normally, bad weather would have calmed the masses, they ran into the streets seeking a cooling soothing rain on the burning itching skin. Instead they were drenched with radiated acid rain. Pain on pain.

How had Celeste escaped all of this?

She’d been working underground on a project to turn the old tunnels into specialized greenhouses run by abused children. The tunnels she’d discovered years before had been turned into promise and hope for the helpless.

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