Celeste Post-Apocalyptia, pt 3

Sitting cozily in her new home Celeste remembered the tales of the day the landslides began and Princess Serenity found the other world. That was the day fiction became fact and it somehow all lined up perfectly!

For a while after the radiation Celeste simply stayed in the tunnels under the city. She had been looking out the little peep hole in the door under the bridge when two volunteers, whose skin was melting away, approached looking for shelter. 🧟🧟‍♀️ The door was double locked as it was after hours so they weren’t able to enter. They pounded and cried. It broke her heart but she had to walk away. She was there alone and stayed that way for weeks.

When Celeste finally left the tunnels it was a slow process and she went straight home. First she checked every exit, as she’d done many times a day during her self-imposed quarantine in the tunnels. The easiest door to exit and lock securely, and the least likely to have anyone outside as she left, was the one under the bridge.

Celeste waited until dawn then quietly peered out. No one was anywhere nearby so she slowly unlocked wack lock, watching through the peep hole carefully. Once out on the ledge, Celeste looked very carefully up and down the creek. All clear!

Once up on street level Celeste noted there were very few people out and about. But..  there were dead bodies scattered, having remained where they fell when the radiation sickness overcame them. Rats scrambled from body to body and the stench was unbelievable.

All the plants had turned an odd gray. Not dead, just gray! It was eerie.. everything was eerie..

Celeste walked past the old shed on the edge of the secret downtown graveyard and wondered what horrid lay in there? Another day she might venture in, but first, she headed to her apartment..

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