Joy Dare May 1-8, 2021

I love violets!!

1st~ 3 gifts tasted .. ☕fresh hot coffee, 🍲homemade soup, 🍳home grown eggs

2nd~ 3 gifts flat.. 🥙pita bread, 🌯tortilla, 🗺️maps

3rd~ 3 gifts found in difficult people.. 👩‍💻learning to rework plans, ☺️happy anyways!, 🙏more prayer time

4th~ 3 gifts before 9am.. 🐈snuggles, 🐕snuggles, 🧑🏾sleepyhead

5th~ a gift in a sign, a smile, a snack.. 📖His answer written there, 🧓her joy, 🧁 raspberry muffin

6th~ 3 gifts found in Christ.. 👩‍⚕️compassion, ⏳patience, 💖agape love

7th~ 3 gifts about your home.. 🤫quiet, 🛌comfy, 🥰love lives there

8th~ 3 gifts inside a closet.. 👗2 cute dresses, 🐇organic angora to felt, 🧵stash material

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