Celeste Post-Apocalyptia, pt 4

Celeste looked around her new home and thought back to her apartment and all the future had seemed to hold for she and Allen. She had dreamed of a long life together.. and then …

That day they had headed off and done the shopping for her new apartment. They’d headed first to the local indoor flea market. It was fun wandering the aisles looking for deals. They’d found most of what Celeste needed there.. gently loved quilts, sheets, pots, pans, plates, ect.. Her new apartment would be homey and welcoming for sure!!

From there they stopped at a locally owned grocery store and picked up basics for the next week. On the way out they grabbed a cup of corn to munch as they drove. Celeste though about how easily she and Allen shopped together and how they exchanged ideas without arguing. The drive home was way to short and cut off her blissful thoughts.. 🥰

Allen pulled into Celeste’s parking space behind the little storefront and they began to unload his car. Celeste felt blessed and thankful for all she had. She was so comfortable and safe with sweet homey things to make her apartment a haven from the craziness of the world. She’d never had a money tree so all this shopping and comfort were odd to her. This new found comfort was amazing, odd and blissful in it’s simplicity and it’s distance from her time spent locked in the basement.

Celeste and Allen made quick work of putting the shopping away and setting up the apartment. They worked well as a team and giggled and joked as they went along. While Celeste made up her bed Allen pulled together quick sandwiches and cans of soda, then they headed back out. 🥪🥤

Driving along Allen laid out his plan a bit for investigating the old caverns.. Celeste listened carefully as she munched and gazed at Allen… Yes, his plan was solid… 🧭

**Dear Readers, in order to fully understand this story you’ll need to read all the attached stories. There are definitely depths and mysteries to Celeste!!

3 responses to “Celeste Post-Apocalyptia, pt 4”

  1. Your blog is very pretty. It would possibly help readers if you included the links to the previous parts (in order) at either the top or bottom of your posts for easier navigation. Thank you for joining in the challenge:
    KL <3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooo, you sure got me thinking 🤔 .. too big a pain to out the links on every post so I’m going to make a page just for links to stories I’ve written. 🤗🧼


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