tbt~ “Hamster vs Super Mealworms”

by Matthew Joyce

Today I gave my hamster super mealworms and his first reaction was freaking out as he tried to climb over the edge. After he got over them he ate at least six of them. Then after he was food drunk he went back to bed. When he woke back up he ate more and took a drink. Then he sat and watched the mealworms wriggle around and went to bed. He seems happy that I got those for him. If you have a hamster get him/her super mealworms.

4 responses to “tbt~ “Hamster vs Super Mealworms””

  1. That’s so cool! You made your hamster’s day & now you’re a hero! :-)

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    1. Thank you 😊 I shared this with Matt. I taught Matt to care for his pets as though they were his children.

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      1. Excellent. I have three cats that I treat like children. Only difference is they don’t wear clothes. :-)


      2. Yes, mine would pry unionize if I tried to clothe them 🙃😆


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