Celeste Post-Apocalyptia pt 6 Pandemic #2

After the first pandemic many were frozen into the mode of quarantine, seemingly afraid to try to go back to their old lives. They sat home with their yarn and knitting needles afraid to move.

The very thought to mingle seemed tantalizing at first, but another deadly pandemic lay in waiting.

With the initial unexpected freedom too many went wild in outings, gatherings and simple reckless abandon. Even on rainy cold days they scrambled to gather with friends and family! Aquariums and other fun spots overflowed with citizens. The maskless wonders unknowingly spread a new strain of covid-19.. named covid-21 it initially seemed to be the worst ever seen. As is always true, karma bites and this time it took a huge chunk as it tore it’s grizzly teeth through the population. Oddly this variant strictly affected people mentally and only those who were truly mean spirited. They became timid and fearful and hid in shadows. They were terrified of healthcare workers so refused any medical care.

Shaking her head Celeste moved back into the present day..

She sat in her new home listening to the rhythmic sound of light rain on the manhole cover. She more than appreciated her jar of fireflies. She sat there in the damp and darkness feeling safer than she had in so long.

The fireflies twinkled almost making the pit seem magical and welcoming. How had she become friends with the fireflies? Well, it all went back to Princess Serenity and her kind heart. When Serenity heard all Celeste was planning to do for the children to teach them to care for the planet and raise rare endangered plants, she sent her best mice as representatives to speak with Celeste offering any help needed!

Gazing at her twinkling friends Celeste had a gentle smile. These truly were dear friends. Gentle minions of Princess Serenity lighting the way for Celeste.


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